K Camp

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I got hoes, I got stripes
I've done dealt with most these haters all my life
I love money, but who don't?
Fuck they sayin'? I'll do anything I want
Think I won't? Think I won't!?
Think I won't!? Think I won't!?
I got money, I got stripes
I've been hustlin' every day of my life

No money, fuck that, break it down, earn a sack
Any means, say cheese, heard they snitchin', that's a rat
Lame niggas, where the sack? Please follow, fuck, back
Just fuckin' up the game, that's a mothafuckin' fact
Took a loss, bounced back, turned a dollar to some racks
Outsiders get taxed, leave them bitches where they're at

Hitters comin' from the front, hitters comin' from the back
I'm just comin' for a sack, I don't know how to act
Walk right in my closet
Hundreds in my boot
She say I'm the coldest
Bitch I thought you knew

How you doin'? Bitch I'm fine, take my time, hella signs
Had to shine, from the grind, I'm like dion in his prime
If she's fine then she's mine, bitch I do this all the time
If my nigga do the crime, I see nothin', bitch I'm blind
Ain't that camp though? I think that is
Ay camp, ay, shit man waddup waddup camp, how you doin bruh?
What's happenin fool?

Coolin' ay you know I been fuckin'
With yo shit for like the longest bruh
"Money baby, money baby, money-"
Word, word, appreciate it my nigga
Ay shit, you know all night, all night, but
Ay mane look, shit you know
I don't really have nothin', but
I been workin' in these streets mane
I'm tryna see how much you charge
For a feature, but I don't really have
Shit you know what I'm sayin', but if you give me
This opportunity I promise bruh

Ah, you know opportunity only knock once my boy
But if you give me this opportunity bruh I swear
Your voice on this beat mane, we gon' push it
We gon' put everything we got behind this bruh
We don't have much but we gon do it
Shit, this what I'm a do for you bro. I got this number you can call
Your number right?
Shit, close to it

This nigga a fool
You can have to call shep my nigga
His name shep mane, j shep
J shep
The number I got down... 404-452-1563
Aight so I need to tell him I know you?
Yeah, yeah hit him asap, hit em asap
Aight good lookin out
Aight my nigga
Aight hold it down

What up. Shep what's good mane, what up mane
What it do?
Ay, camp gave me yo number dawg, he told me
He was a big fan of my shit, he fuck with my shit
So I was tryna see how much it is for a feature

Bruh, cause I've been fuckin' with bruh for a minute
Cause I don't have much but I've been grindin' in
These streets bro, and I see the slum movement
I'm tryna be a slum too, so lemme know what I gotta do
Whatever it is mane, to get em on a feature, how much is he bro?
Ay mane, that money talks

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