Shoutout My Bitches (feat. Ty Dolla Sign / Dan Diego)

K Camp

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love them bitches that do it on camera
Say she from Houston but live in Atlanta
Maybe some times I come through with that hammer
Then lock that lock, now we goin' bananas

Shoutout my bitches
Shoutout my bitches
She know how to get it
Girl I'm fuckin' with you

Put a hundred on the gas tank
We 'bout to hit the highway
I'm already on my fifth drink
Thank God it's Friday
Take her to the crib, I'm a show her how I live
I ain't even gotta play my cards, she already know the deal
Tell her, "How you doin'? You can be my drinkin' partner"
Walkin' with that ass out, it wasn't hard to spot ya
Knew she was a dancer from the pictures by the locker
The way she bustin' at the end, woulda thought she woulda shot him

She say she mad at me, mad at me
Cause I ain't invite her to my show
And the label when I'm out of town, I fly her out
Oh you tryna get seen now?
Shoutout to my bitches with no bookin' numbers
On their Instagram page, just to get 'em money
Shoutout to my bitches whippin' foreigns
None of my bitches borin'
They're all down to have threesomes
When I dress I do 'em on my tour bus
Bitches can't afford us
Call the cab and let her pay for it

Shoutout my bitches
Shoutout my bitches
Shoutout my bitches
Shoutout my bitches

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